Saturday, March 2, 2024


NOTICE OF ADDITIONAL MEETING PLACES OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT TO THE RESIDENTS AND TAXPAYERS OF CELINA MUNICPAL MANAGEMENT DISTRICT NO. 2 AND ALL OTHER INTERESTED PERSONS: Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors (the "Board") of Celina Municipal Management District No. 2 (the "District"), at a meeting of said Board held on February 5, 2024, established additional meeting places outside the boundaries of the District at: 400 North Oklahoma Drive, Suite 105, Celina, Texas 75009; and Bongo Beaux's, 218 W. Walnut St., Celina, Texas 75009. These meeting locations are hereby declared to be a public place and the public is invited to attend any meeting of the Board. CELINA MUNICIPAL MANAGEMENT DISTRICT NO. 2 /s/ Corbet Howard President, Board of Directors ATTEST: /s/ Mikeala Taylor Secretary, Board of Directors 2/29, 3/7



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