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The following vehicle(s) will be sold at public auction at Martin Services Inc., 201 North Main Street, McKinney, TX 75069, on December 7th, 2020 provided they are not claimed by the registered owner or lien holder. Failure to exercise their right to reclaim the vehicle(s) within the time provided constitutes a waiver by the owner or lien holder of all rights, title, and interest in the vehicle(s) and their consent to the sale of the abandoned vehicle(s) at public auction. The vehicle(s) may be inspected prior to the sale by contacting the storage facility listed below. This sale is pursuant to Section 5.04 of Article V of the Texas Litter Abatement Act, relating to vehicles left in storage facilities.
Year Make Model License Plate VIN
2015 CHRY 300 NDB1305 2C3CCAAG1FH797020
2003 STRN L20 KWS8062 1G8JU54FX3Y511459
2014 NISS MAX KWG5891 1N4AA5AP5EC481756
2008 HONDA ACC JHN9960 1HGCP367X8A034713
1995 FORD F150 1FTDF15Y7SLB16415
2006 FORD FUSION MBS6223 3FAFP07Z56R202406
2005 FORD 5SL NJY4414 1FAFP241X5G114323
1996 FORD CVL FSL4477 2FALP74W7TX199575
2014 FORD FSE 1FADP3F25EL177680
2015 FORD FIE GVG7528 3FADP4BJ0FM224293
2000 FORD MUS GJG8499 1FAFP4041YF177767
2004 TOYT EEL LRF4305 JTDBR32E042039383
2012 CHEV CRU BTP8584 1G1PF5SC0C7406768
2012 DODGE AVN MPG3415 1C3CDZAB0CN232681
1997 LINC EXC 1LNLM81W4VY605257
2009 NISS 370 LMY9983 JN1AZ44E29M404725
2004 DODGE SSE BH3P157 1B3EL36TX4N343439
2019 HONDA CIVIC 19XFC2F69KE013834
2002 CHEV SUBURBAN 1GNEC16Z42J251228
2001 HONDA UDY 4PLPC 1HKRL18591H612271
2008 STRN AXE MBM1365 1G8ZS57N28F258121
2008 NISS A5S KMB5832 1N4AL24E38C239975
2016 FORD FUS 3FA6P0SU3GR320919
2005 TOYT SIE 5TDZA22C45S360223
2009 HYUN ACC NRN7249 KNHCM46C49U301978
2006 TOYT HIG KLX0794 JTEDP21A560115391
2019 JEEP GRA LKK0439 1C4RJFLG0KC584644
2007 FORD F250SD HYG7758 1FTSW20P07EA75729
2013 BMW 328 CFP9289 WBA3C1C55DF444654
2012 BMW 3SE GHC2462 WBA3A5C51CF259528
1999 FORD F550 CVM6409 1FDAW56F8XEA50990
2007 HINO 268 5PVNJ8JV972S50637
2001 FORD F3 FVD6193 1FTSW31F01ED26493
1999 FORD F150 MLJ2014 1FTZF1725XKA56940
2003 FORD MUS 1FAFP40453F427794
2017 CADI XT5 HDH3820 1GYKNARS0HZ109905
2014 FORD F150 LXG4035 1FTMF1CM9EFC14977
1998 GMC YUK MTK8667 1GKEC13R2WJ700106
2003 PONT VIB GNZ3177 5Y2SL62863Z428838
2017 HYUN ACC KRR0540 KMHCT5AE7HU305183
2013 KIA OPT 5XXGN4A79DG248691
2014 HOND CRV NCG8962 2HKRM3H79EH554789
1995 NISS PFI CZ3H553 JN8HD17Y2SW110495
Martin Services Inc.
201 N. Main St., McKinney, TX 75069
Texas Dept. of Transportation Vehicle Storage Facility, License #0605221




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